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Kira Labs History

Founded in 2003, Kira Labs is a leading manufacturer of natural, quality skincare products. Since our inception, we have private labeled and manufactured nearly 100 million units for over 250 brands that have sold globally making Kira Labs the go-to manufacturer for direct to consumer marketers.

Kira Labs Vision

We understand that the skincare market is constantly changing and success hinges on your brand’s ability to stay attuned to the latest and greatest trends. Kira Labs tests our formulas via DTC e-commerce platforms to ensure that our portfolio remains ahead of the curve and that your product launches successfully.

We understand that your brand reputation is synonymous with your bottom line so we are committed to upholding its integrity by guaranteeing our highest quality, market-proven products.

Founder, David Rosen is the backbone and inspiration behind this rapidly growing company and his story is indicative of the ethics you can expect to experience when working with us.

Working with us

1.) Made in the USA

2.) We are the Manufacturer

3.) GMP Accredited Facility

4.) R & D and Design Departments

5.) Quality Ingredients

7.) In House Fulfillment Center

8.) Small Parcel and LTL

10.) Variety of Line Extensions

11.) Exclusivity Available

12.) Promotions & Sampling Programs

13.) Global Sales & Registration of Products

14.) Innovating Packaging

15.) Always In Stock

16.) EDI Ready