We Put People First.

We know that a successful company is always built on 2 kinds of happy people – happy customers and happy employees. At Kira Labs we put these people first and it shows. Our customers have a high rate of repeat orders, people simply just love our products. Our employees make us who we are, and their work life balance and professional success is a top priority.


planet fulfillment

Great communication, products, branding and packaging come from the Kira family.

Jim Gardner / VP of Sales & Marketing 



Pandor - Carribean & latin America

David's vision, strategy and determination leads his company to continually increase his geographic reach and improve his product offerings.

Frank Saragossi / Regional Business Manager



kira labs

If you are looking for a place that is going places, I would call out Kira Labs as one of the few places to work in Florida with fast growth.

Operations / Former Employee



kira labs

Great people. Great workplace. I was trained on many new systems and always had help from my team mates who helped me succeed in my role. 

Accounting / Former Employee



Lifestyle lift

David and his team partnered with me on the development of the 5 step skincare line for Lifestyle Lift. This skincare line produced multi-million dollar revenue and profits within the first year of launch.

Sandy Cooper / Vice President Innovation Technology