About Us

Kira Labs was founded in 2003 with a debut line of highly effective skin care products including natural cleansers, glycolic peels and hyaluronic and squalane moisturizers. Our success is driven by appealing design, value, and high quality, functional formulas that characterize all of our brands. Over the past 15 years our happy and repeat customers have helped grow Kira Labs into a leading marketer and manufacturer of beauty innovations featured in 10,000+ stores. Our reach is global, and in 2017 we received the Florida Exporter of the Year Award. Today you can find our products on store shelves selling in over 100 countries with product lines for men and women, salons, spas and medical professionals. All of our formulas are made in house by our expert chemists, and bottled and distributed from our own facility.

What We Do

Kira Labs is a vertically integrated cosmetic manufacturing, design and sales powerhouse including:

• Formulations laboratory and full lab team
• Compounding laboratory
• Quality control and testing
• Marketing department
• Research and development team
• Design department
• Online sales
• In house micro-testing on all incoming raw materials
• Qualifications for global product registration and global import

Working With Us


• Guaranteed stock availability

• Speed to market

• EDI ready

• Quality ingredients & packaging

• In-house R&D & Quality Control

• EU & Global Compliance



David Rosen is the founder & CEO of Kira Labs Inc, a beauty innovator and cosmetic manufacturer established in 2003. An early adopter to the ecommerce revolution, David was online as early as 1999 and manufacturing since 2003. Kira Labs has since grown to vertically market & manufacture over 30 brands worldwide B2B & B2C with the support of a strong design, marketing, manufacturing & executive team. David is a lean practitioner and ever-learner having most recently being named as Florida exporter of the year.


Our Capabilities

Natural formulas, effective beauty treatments, products to pamper and perfect, Kira Labs does it all. Unlike most cosmetics companies, Kira Labs is vertically integrated. Every aspect of product production happens exclusively at Kira Labs.  Everything from product research and development, formula creation and testing, filling, distributing plus design and marketing all take place at Kira Labs.  This allows for incredibly quick turnaround time and delivery.

And also unlike most other cosmetic companies, our departments work with one another for seamless support of each step of the cosmetic production process. Our brand development teams work closely with our on-site laboratories to create, develop, and test each product to assure our high level of consumer satisfaction.  Our sales staff regularly meet with our scientists to make sure to deliver exactly what our customers desire. Our marketing department receives support from our designers and graphic artists.  Collaboration is an integral part of the Kira experience.



At Kira Labs, we understand that the Beauty Industry is constantly evolving and changing. Our robust and highly skilled R&D Team of Chemists and Quality Engineers is committed to staying in tune with the latest market trends and delivering uncompromising quality in all of our formulations across hair, face, body, and men’s lines. Our passion for creative innovation, sustainable sourcing, and cutting edge ingredients are all essential elements in our unique recipe for success. We strive to guarantee customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations with every use.



Our laboratory is equipped to control the quality of chemicals, components and finished goods. Our manufacturing test labs provide a systemic scale-up methodology from 1 Liter to 5000 liters under validation control. We will guarantee that the product vision is maintained through the whole product life cycle. Our R&D chemists are seasoned formulators who bring experience not only from the cosmetic industry but also pharmaceutical, paints, coatings, and biochemical industries. This facilitates a modern understanding of product concept and a unique perspective for consumer products.



Kira Labs stands apart as an award winning manufacturer with a Fast Fashion mentality that permeates through everything we do. We are one of the rare innovators that can quickly react to a changing marketplace and deliver trends to shelves at unprecedented speed. All of our brands are characterized by appealing artwork, great value, and high quality, functional formulas. Our products are labeled with distinct messaging that clearly explains the unique benefits at a glance. To date, our impressive portfolio features over 800+ products and 50+ Brands, with a growing global base of highly satisfied Business Partners and Customers.


quality Control

We formulate using ingredients as close to nature as possible while balancing safety, efficacy and well-being. Our team ensure the quality of our products by rigorously testing and inspecting materials and finished goods to maintain the highest level of quality achievable. We thoughtfully choose our ingredients and packaging to be consistent and reliable to ensure the best possible experience from our products

Our Promise To You


Effective Beauty solutions

At Kira labs all of our products are backed by science and retained based on consumer experience. Each ingredient is rigorously tested and reviewed for efficacy, both in isolation and in combination with other ingredients. Here at Kira labs the light is always on in our laboratories. We never stop seeking out the newest and most cutting edge beauty treatment ingredients. Nothing leaves our lab until our team of expert chemists are thoroughly satisfied with its quality and integrity. We travel to exotic locations testing and trying everything from Australian clays to Zimbabwean soap plants in order to bring only the very best and most innovative ideas to work with us. Then, we carefully monitor our valued customers’ responses to their experience of each item. Only the most beloved and highly sought after products make the ultimate cut. So you can be sure that any product you receive has been scientifically proven effective and has been loved by many customers just like you.


conscious sourcing

We believe in making the world a more beautiful place. This philosophy goes beyond cosmetic beauty and embraces the beauty of ethically produced products and efforts to lower our carbon footprint. All of our containers are recyclable and we never use environmentally hazardous materials. When you use a Kira Labs product you can feel good about the way you look and about the way you are impacting the planet. Our botanical library of ingredients is rich with exotic natural nut and plant oils, botanical extracts from around the world and cutting edge probiotic, marine, and mineral skin care infusions.


made in the usa

Kira Labs products are proudly produced in the United States and comply with all FDA regulations for good manufacturing practices. We hand inspect all raw materials, components and finished goods to conform to our sense of quality.  Our products are made in small batches controlled to ensure the best quality available.



Kira Labs does not participate in animal testing and we do not use animal products in our formulation. Our formulations use ingredients that are G.R.A.S. (generally recognized as safe ingredients). Where required we use in vitro test assessment that are standard in the industry to provide additional support for our products safety and efficacy. You can feel good about using our products, and never have to worry that they are connected to any type of animal suffering.